Calzados Palanco

Artisans shoes made in Spain since 1960

We are PALANCO, a company from Andalusia (south of Spain) with more than 50 years in our activity. Our objective is making shoes and boots using our tradition inherited from a shoemaker village as Valverde del Camino is.

By tradition, experience in craft shoemaker and use of exclusive materials, we have a high quality stock.

Our noble leather, from vegetal tanning makes every Palanco shoe unique. Like a piece of art.

The dexterity and experience of our shoemakers masters and the best sewing, Good Year Welt, makes a strong shoe, but, at the same time, protect, isolate and reduce the fatigue.

We maintain that philosophy to make elegants, comfortable and durable shoe.


It is an older, more durable and elaborate artisanal footwear manufacturing method.

It consists of more than 250 steps per shoe manually, and providing comfort, adaptability to the foot and thermal insulation.

Goodyearwelt is the international name for the best specific type of shoes.

Since 1996, Calzados Palanco has implemented a quality control system according

to ISO 9001:2000 and certified by BVQI with the NI ESPMDD004625 that demonstrates and guarantees its constant effort for perfection.