All measurements must be taken without pants.

Always in centimeters.

And without leaving space between leg or foot and the measure.

Take measurements of each leg or foot.

A. Measure should be taken around the sector wider than the toes.

B. Measurement must be taken around the bone highest instep.

C. Measurement should be taken around where supports the heel.

D. Measurement must be taken around the part wider calf.

E. The contour of the leg at the maximum height of the boot.

F. Measure must be taken behind the leg, sitting so that it forms an angle straight.

G .Measure must be taken around the ankle.

H: Foot length: Draw the length of the foot resting on a paper as follows:

• With a completely vertical pen;

H1. point first the longest toe;

H2. likewise on heel.

• Then point to the two widest parts of the foot. 

H3 and H4. Finally draw the sole of the foot.

Measure H1 towards H2:

Measure the length in cm H1 and H2. Measure H3 to H4: Measure the width in cm H3 and H4.


Find your foot number in the table below


These measurements are standard. They may not exactly match your foot measurements.